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Trump vs. Biden Showdown: Watch the Black America Post-Show on BLKALERTS!

6 Views· 06/25/24
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🚨🎙️ Trump vs. Biden: The Ultimate Showdown! 🎙️🚔 Join us LIVE on BLKALERTS for the most anticipated post-show analysis - The Black America Post-Show! Whether you're Team Trump with his bold claims and fiery tactics, or riding with Biden, defending the blue with poise and proposals, tonight’s debate breakdown is something you can’t miss!

🗓️ Date: Thursday, June 27th
⏰ Time: Right after the debates!
📺 Where: Right here on BLKALERTS!

What went down? Who threw the sharpest jabs? More importantly, how do these political titans’ policies really stack up for Black America? 🤔 Our dynamic panel won't hold back! Expect cutting insights, and a sprinkle of humor to ease the tension.

👥 Featuring:

Alex Haynes (@alexunmuted) host Unmuted Nation and Tiffanie Lanelle, host of Tiffanie Talks (@tiffanielanelle )

💬 Get involved! Drop your thoughts, reactions, and the moments you loved or loathed in the comments below. Who knows? Your comment might just be the star in our next video!

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👉 Set your reminders, grab your popcorn 🍿, and let’s dissect the drama of Democracy! Because when Trump and Biden go head-to-head, it’s more than a debate – it’s a spectacle, and Black America has the keenest eye in the audience.

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