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🎙️🚔 Join us LIVE on BLKALERTS for the most anticipated post-show analysis - The Black America Post-Show! Whether you're Team Trump with his bold claims and fiery tactics, or riding with Biden, defending the blue with poise and proposals, tonight’s debate breakdown is something you can’t miss!

🗓️ Date: Thursday, June 27th
⏰ Time: Right after the debates!
📺 Where: Right here on BLKALERTS!

What went down? Who threw the sharpest jabs? More importantly, how do these political titans’ policies really stack up for Black America? 🤔 Our dynamic panel won't hold back! Expect cutting insights, and a sprinkle of humor to ease the tension.

👥 Featuring:

Alex Haynes (‪@alexunmuted‬) host Unmuted Nation and Tiffanie Lanelle, host of Tiffanie Talks (‪@tiffanielanelle‬ )

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🚨🎙️ Trump vs. Biden: The Ultimate Showdown! 🎙️🚔 Join us LIVE on BLKALERTS for the most anticipated post-show analysis - The Black America Post-Show! Whether you're Team Trump with his bold claims and fiery tactics, or riding with Biden, defending the blue with poise and proposals, tonight’s debate breakdown is something you can’t miss!

🗓️ Date: Thursday, June 27th
⏰ Time: Right after the debates!
📺 Where: Right here on BLKALERTS!

What went down? Who threw the sharpest jabs? More importantly, how do these political titans’ policies really stack up for Black America? 🤔 Our dynamic panel won't hold back! Expect cutting insights, and a sprinkle of humor to ease the tension.

👥 Featuring:

Alex Haynes (@alexunmuted) host Unmuted Nation and Tiffanie Lanelle, host of Tiffanie Talks (@tiffanielanelle )

💬 Get involved! Drop your thoughts, reactions, and the moments you loved or loathed in the comments below. Who knows? Your comment might just be the star in our next video!

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👉 Set your reminders, grab your popcorn 🍿, and let’s dissect the drama of Democracy! Because when Trump and Biden go head-to-head, it’s more than a debate – it’s a spectacle, and Black America has the keenest eye in the audience.

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Colin Cowherd reacts to the verdict of former U.S. President Donald Trump being found guilty in a hush money trial.

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Health and Human Services announced they plan to recommend that marijuana get the big shove from Schedule I to Schedule III. Sounds awesome, but what would it actually do?

Here is a great breakdown of what actually happens among the agencies while they figure out if marijuana will be rescheduled.

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For years, marijuana has had the same classification as drugs like cocaine and meth. Although the change won't legalize weed, it could have major nationwide effects.

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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration will move to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug, according to the Associated Press.

The DEA’s proposal, which still must be reviewed by the White House Office of Management and Budget, would recognize the medical uses of cannabis and acknowledge it has less potential for abuse than some of the nation’s most dangerous drugs. However, it would not legalize marijuana outright for recreational use.

This clears the last significant regulatory hurdle before the agency’s biggest policy change in more than 50 years can take effect.

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"The first time I ever really listened to Kyle Kulinski’s show was in the back of a cab last summer. The driver had his phone hooked up through the stereo and was pumping out an episode through the car speakers — loudly, as if looking to convert a captive audience.

“Do you like Kyle Kulinski?”

The driver, Ahmed, was a recent immigrant and apparently a die-hard fan of Secular Talk, the political talk show that Kulinski broadcasts on YouTube. I told him, yes, in fact. I do like Kulinski, had come across his show several years ago, and, all things considered, he seemed pretty good.

“He understands what we’re up against,” Ahmed said. “Like Bernie.”

But I was surprised to hear Kulinski’s name mentioned in the same breath as Bernie Sanders, particularly with such adoration. Because what I did remember about Kulinski’s show struck me as mostly capital-P “progressive” takes on the news — the left wing of the Netroots crowd more than the democratic socialism Sanders has popularized.

It’s an impression that wasn’t entirely incorrect.

“I have no time for philosophical, airy bullshit,” Kulinski tells me from his home in Westchester, New York. “I don’t want to hear about Lenin. I don’t want to hear about Marx. I just want a super plainspoken, straightforward agenda with a straightforward way of selling it.”

With over 800,000 subscribers and nearly 670 million total views on YouTube, selling a progressive agenda is clearly something Kulinski knows how to do — even Democracy Now, the long-standing flagship of progressive media, cannot match his reach on the platform. Chapo Trap House can certainly boast a wildly devoted fan base (and a not insignificant degree of media influence), but their audience is roughly half the size of Kulinski’s.

While Secular Talk might be more likely to be looped in with the progressive networks around Air America and Pacifica alums like Sam Seder than the more resolutely socialist world, Kulinski’s fiery rhetoric, razor-sharp class instincts, and knack for withering takedowns sets him apart from his peers. Judging by his rhetoric alone, he’s closer to a Eugene Debs than a Chris Hayes.

But unlike Hayes, Amy Goodman, or his friend Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks — who began airing Secular Talk on his web network seven years ago — the thirty-two-year-old Kulinski is virtually invisible in the mainstream media. Despite his enormous fan base, his show has never once been mentioned in the obligatory trend pieces on “the Millennial Left” pumped out by the prestige media. Nor has Kulinski’s name ever popped up at all in the New York Times, Vox, the New Yorker, New York Magazine, or the Washington Post, despite his leading role in cofounding Justice Democrats, the organization widely credited with sweeping Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of “the Squad” to power.

Just last week, his Wikipedia page was deleted. The reason? “There is very simply no [reliable source] coverage of this person,” according to one moderator. In new media, he’s king — the Sean Hannity of the Berniecrat left. In old media, he’s nobody.

I suspect there are a few reasons for that. There is nothing “cool” about Kulinski’s show. (As a friend put it, “‘Welcome to Secular Talk’ sounds like something you’d hear on Egyptian radio.”) His no-nonsense social-democratic politics won’t get him much cred with the Full Communism crowd. He records his show not in Brooklyn or Los Angeles, but in a studio he built himself in his modest Westchester home. His hair is too groomed and his taste in clothes too preppy to qualify as “Dirtbag Left.” Nor has he ever attended an n+1 release party. “Not only have I not attended one,” he says, “I have no idea what that means.”

And yet he’s astonishingly plugged-in for a young man in the suburbs. Wondering how Sanders ended up on the Joe Rogan Experience? Kulinski, a frequent guest on Rogan’s wildly popular show, introduced them. “You make the most sense to me,” Rogan told Kulinski on a recent episode. “You’re a normal person.”

Much like Sanders himself, Kulinski’s show has a massive audience that just doesn’t compute with our media’s understanding of “what the kids want” or even “what the left-wing kids want.”

It’s probably for the best — the very woke and very WASP-ish decorum haunting much of the media world is nowhere to be found in Secular Talk. “Corporate Democrats over-focus on identity as a trick to divert you from the issues that unite us all — class issues,” he said on a recent episode.

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The Drug Enforcement Agency is expected to reclassify marijuana and admit its medical utility. Reporter Ted Oberg looks at what the decision means.

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Join Alex Unmuted and Tiffanie Lanelle as they honor the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., the indiscriminate bombing of the World Central Kitchen team, Nebraska's electoral college, and Seattle public schools.

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President Biden delivers the 2024 State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on March 7. The speech — his fourth time addressing a joint session — comes as Biden faces scrutiny for his handling of the Israel-Gaza war and immigration and concerns about his age ahead of the 2024 election.

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November 6, 2021 - After much anticipation, Donda Academy makes their season debut at the Target Center home of the Minnesota Timberwolves vs. a tough Minnesota Prep team.

Donda Academy starting five:
2023 Robert Dillingham
2024 Jahki Howard
2022 Braedon Moore
2022 Bryce Alfino
2023 JJ Taylor

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Rob Dillingham and Donda Academy went at it against Our Saviour Lutheran at the Grind Session yesterday. Rob was getting crafty and dropped a smooth 31 to lead Donda to a 91-88 overtime win.

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Rob Dillingham DROPS 31!? 😱 Donda Academy Wins in OT!!


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Donda Academy
Kanye West
Custom Jersey and Court Tutorial

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NBC News
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Channel 2's Ashley Michels takes a look at presidential primary races across the U.S., including Colorado's own primary election.

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Fox News contributor Joe Concha discusses the media's coverage of the Super Tuesday results and Biden's latest comment that he'll 'get in trouble' for taking press questions. #FoxNews

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Nikki Haley suspended her campaign for the Republican nomination after Donald Trump secured hundreds of delegates on Super Tuesday. WSJ’s Molly Ball explains what the results mean for the presidential race. Photo Illustration: JJ Lin

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Carolina Panthers legend Cam Newton shared his side of the story about the viral video of him getting jumped by a group of people at a 7-on-7 football tournament in Atlanta last weekend, apologizing for letting his emotions get the best of him during a heated moment.

Video surfaced of the incident last weekend. Multiple people were seen attacking Newton from all sides with the former NFL MVP pushing them aside. Newton didn't appear to throw any punches during the scuffle. On this 4th & 1 podcast, Newton said the guys involved were former coaches of his C1N organization and that there is some history between them. He said the incident began as trash talk during a game that led to fighting.

"There was a lot of talking on both sides. On all sides, and let's just put it like that," Newton said. "I don’t want to point the finger and say this person said that or that person said that. Am I saying this is the first time it happened or the last time it happened? It’s something that starts with words and should’ve ended with words.”


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It's time we talked about the fight... from my POV. I understand the standing is what the standing is, but it's time yell herd my side of the story. This got so big it was #1 trending on twitter, Shannon Sharpe talked about it, Stephen A. Smith talked about it even the PIVOT Podcast talked about it... Been a minute since we had a moment like this, let's break it down

00:00 Introduction
00:51 Young Basketball Coach steals the show
05:04 Angel Reese talking trash at the free throw
06:51 Lebron James addressing Bronny in the NBA draft
13:52 ESPN top 10 College QB's of all time
21:54 Kirk Cousins got GRILLS??
28:01 Cam addresses his HAT not falling off...
30:20 Addressing the fight
51:05 Outro

🏈 Want more 4th & 1???
Shannon Sharpe Tells Cam Why he's not in the NFL -
Dak Prescott had a better Career than Cam -
Lamar Jackson is a Playoff GAME CHANGER!! -
Cam Newton responds to media backlash -

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It looks like Kelly Rowland was not happy with her dressing room accommodations at the Today show on Thursday. According to sources the Destiny's Child singer went to several different dressing rooms and was not happy with them. The one that she wanted allegedly was occupied by Jennier Lopez, who was there promoting her new album, This Is Me ... Now.

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