[Added] Braintree, PayFast payment gateways.[Added] 50+ new APIs for future mobile updates.[Added] switch accounts system.[Fixed] date and time in message were not active.[Fixed] can't upload a short if movie system is disabled.[Fixed] When new member register and use special characters like &^%$#@ etc in password, they can't login.[Fixed] video cropping not working when uploading shorts.[Fixed] youtube shorts import not working.[Fixed] Pro packages are showing as monthly with every package.[Fixed] tiktok import was not working[Fixed] OG meta tags for shorts are not working when you share on other platforms. [Fixed] contact us message didn't contain any names or user info.[Fixed] cronjob.php file is converting videos multiple times.[Fixed] clean dead videos was not working well.[Fixed] articles share count is not increasing with share on social media etc.[Fixed] movies upload system getting stuck sometimes.[Fixed] 10+ other minor bugs.[Fixed] the major slow down speed on top videos page.