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Cardi B - Bongos (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)

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#Bongos #CardiB #MeganTheeStallion

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Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are officially divorced after an 8-year legal battle. The actors first announced they were splitting in 2015. Find out why one side is saying the process took so long.

#HalleBerry #OlivierMartinez #ENews


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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez FINALLY Finalize Divorce After 8 Years | E! News

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The judge just awarded the R KELLY accusers $500,000 in music royalties. The labels are to pay the surviving R KELLY victims immediately 😳

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#nickiminaj #kennethpetty #Jenniferhough

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Hey Tattle Tells! I know I've mentioned it plenty of times in multiple videos but I just need to remind you all that THIS channel is a safe space of for light hearted (but biting) comedic satire, commentary, speculation, opinionated and of course, spirited discourse on our favorite Celebrities AND reality TV personalities. Please do not send ANY hate, troll, dox, or argue with to anyone we discuss. That is not the Tattle Tells energy, never was, and never will be! Much Love and Light. This is ENTERTAINMENT ONLY y'all! It's NEVER that serious. Now let's get back to mess❤️.....

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But let’s get into the mess noone else seemed to catch...cause this MESS deserves a deep dive....

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Nicki Minaj And Husband Kenneth Petty GOING TO JAIL ??? [ARREST WARRANT'S ISSUED]

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Hey My Little Truffles it's Your Girl Kylia Black
My Channel is a Safe place to EXPOSE & Give SASSY COMMENTARY On what's going on in the Pop Culture World in a Lively Bold Speculative And Optionative Manner.
So Please don't Hate or Troll its all about good energy and Entertainment
So Let's Get Into the Mess.....

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#nickiminaj #cardib #cardibnews #nickiminajnews #celebritynews #celebritygossip #rapmusic #applemusic

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Nicki Manaj Swatting Suspect Revealed Warrant for arrest

Nicki Minaj is declaring victory after falling victim to a swatting prank ... cops have an arrest warrant out for the suspect allegedly behind the calls

The rapper went on social media Wednesday and called out a woman named Stephanie Bell, who Nicki is accusing of making swatting calls to her San Fernando Valley home.

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Billboard's Jordyn Rolling sat down with GRAMMY-winner artist Usher to chat about his collaboration with Remy Martin, his Las Vegas residency and more.

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“Party Girls” feat. Buju Banton available 5/10:

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Tik Tok:

Production Company: Black Dog Films
Director: Meji Alabi
Executive Producer: Jeff Pantaleo
Executive Producer: Molly Bohas
Director's Rep: Hart Represents
Producer: Javier Alejandro
Jamaican Line Producer: Carleene Samuels
1st AD: Jay Will
DP: Nikita Kuzmenko
Editor: Vinnie Hobbs
Colorist: Dave Hussey
VFX: Max Colt
Victoria Monét Hair: Dhairius + Davontae Washington
Victoria Monét MUA: Angie Mar
Victoria Monét Styling: Kollin Carter
Styling Assistant: James Carroll
Dancer Styling: Star Burleigh
Management: Rachelle Jean-Louis
Producer: Camille Yorrick of RCA Records
Creative Director: Paradhime
Art Director: Jess Severn
Choreographer: Sean Bankhead
Ahsia Pettigrew
Natalie Bebko
Briana Morrison
Rebecca Rosie
Jared Beadle-Allen
Shaquan Reed
Kebahb Glanville
Antwon Collier
Devyck Bull

(Been a long time and now mi say this a big tune in all di world)
No more backs on the wall
Come pull me close to you
Rock me deep into the morning
Cause by sunrise I’ll be gone
I wanna be leaving with someone
I’m here for a good time and you know we both want it

And plus I like to sightsee and if you invite me I’ll very likely
Pull up where you at
You got the right fee or if you entice me end of the night might
Sit this on your lap
Staring at me too long might get you in trouble
I’m hypnotizing, I’m just talking facts
Nightly you’ll sight me anywhere you might be

Can’t forget about the Party Girls out lighting up the world
Let’s hear it for the Party Girls out lighting up the world

(Now from this tune come on me want everybody in the dancehall right now today
Lighters in the sky
If you’re with your lover if you’re with your girl if you’re with your brother if you’re with your sista

Got to get the feeling and the mood right
Want to know what a true Jamaican night life is like
Alright, work hard play hard don’t need no sponsor
Life of the party girl you’re sweet like sugar
Put the S in sexy girl i love that figure
When you whine and go down come up and bend over
True the party can’t start til’ you deh bout ya (the party can’t start till you get here)
Sexy up jacuzzi pool side and sauna So who make the party start get it hot like fire
Who makes the rude boys spend a lot of dollars
Girl pretty in their face they look fine and proper
Dress to impress and every man admire
No low vibes let us lift this higher
Burn down the whole club and set the roof on fire

Can’t forget about the Party Girls out lighting up the world
Let’s hear it for the Party Girls out lighting up the world

(Big up to the one Victoria Monét)

All the party girls all over the world
American girls London girls African girls island girls Asian girls
To the party girls (to the party girls)
All around the world (all around the world)
That like to twerk
I like the girls who like to party
I like the girls with the body (we like the girls who like to party)
I like the girls who like to party
I like the girls with the body
(we like the girls who like to party)

#VictoriaMonet #PartyGirls #BujuBanton

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Listen to "On My Mama" Here:

Follow Victoria Monét:

Director: child.
Production Co.: 44 Content
Executive Producers: Missy Galanida, Isaac Rice, Andrea Saavedra
Producers: Missy Galanida, Andrea Saavedra
Production Managers: Natasha Pierson, Kelo Thompson
Production Coordinator: Cariella Smith
1st AD: George Harkness
2nd AD: Arielle Zolezzi
2nd 2nd AD: Jasmine Claypool

DP: Jon Chema
1st AC: Joseph Soria
2nd AC: Harry Heng
Camera Operator: Nick Muller
DIT: Kyle Hoekstra
Crane Operator: Bogdan Iofciulescu
Crane Tech: Jeff Wessels
Matrix Tech: Simon Shin
Key Grip : Marlow Nunez
Best Boy Grip: Paul Reynoso
Dolly Grip: Taylor Casebeer
Grip: JQ Silva
Grip Driver: Abel Soto
Gaffer/CLT: Marlon O’Brien
ACLT: Alice Becerra

SLT/Driver: Raul Morales
SLT: Mike Duong
SLT: Mike Viera
SLT: Dan Eckert
Programmer: Harry Schroeder
LCP/Board Op: Tyler Sanderson
Board Operator: Harry Schroeder

Production Designer: Tyler Evans
Art Director: Brendan Sheley
Set Dresser: Theo Cohn
Set Dresser: Corey Glenn
Art Coordinator: Ciara Flynn

Cast Stylist: Rasheeda Ameera
Cast Hair/Make-Up: Julie Dinh
Cast Hair Assistant: Jessica-Amber Pineda
Cast Wardrobe: Aunna
Dancer Make-Up: Vicky G.
Dancer Styling: Damien Lloyd

Artist Make-Up: Angie Mar
Artist Hair: Tokyo Stylez
Artist Styling: Kollin Carter
Styling Assistant: Francesleslia Millien
Styling Assistant: Juan Ortiz
Styling Assistant: Jesstia Usher
Artist Nails: Ween
Artist Management: Rachelle Jean-Louis
Creative Director: paradhime

Choreographer: Sean Bankhead
Choreographer Assistant/Dancer: Ahsia Pettigrew
Dancer: Luz Remigio-Frias
Dancer: Briana Morrison
Dancer: Tacir Roberson
Dancer: Shaq Reed
Dancer: Jasmine ‘JB’ Badie
Dancer: J Blaze
Dancer: Lyle Beniga
Dancer: Dario Boatner

Buff Man: Tyrone W
Buff Man: Therin M
Buff Man: Corey R
Buff Man: Quincy J
Horn Player: Jarmal T
Horn Player: Carter S
Horn Player: Jamil A
Vixen: Daesha J
Vixen: Derri A
Vixen: Destinee
Kid: Blaze M
Kid: Nasya N

BTS: Carlos Dupouy
Editor: Vinnie Hobbs
Colorist: Joseph Bicknell @ Company 3
VFX: Chroma VFX
VFX Creative Director: Warren Paleos
VFX Executive Producer: Andy Hamill
VFX Managing Director: Lexi Jarman
Lead Flame: Mikey Smith
Senior Flame: Marcus Wood
Design Lead: Nate Soto

RCA Commissioner: Camille Yorrick
Label: RCA Records

Moho Driver: Christina C. Lewis
PA - Jose Chavez
PA: Anthony Vega
PA: Jack Galanida
PA: Suren Arakelyan
Set PA: Malachi Barnes
Pass Van PA: Vanessa Gonzalez
Truck PA: McKay LeDuke
Truck PA: Preston


#VictoriaMonet #OnMyMama #RnB

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2 Views · 1 month ago March 1, 2023 - Usher roller skated while performing his hits "Don't Waste My Time" and “Good Love” at his Las Vegas residency, My Way, at Dolby Live at Park MGM. Get the latest concert tour news, tour dates, information, reviews, videos, and more at

NoirTube Entertainment
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Usher My Way Show
at PARK MGM in Dolby Live
July - October Residency 2022
Las Vegas

July 20, 2022 Wednesday show

This video has clips of most of the songs Usher performed. Preview his show! It was an AWESOME show! Must see!
I paid $155 per ticket, Section 406, Row F. Located higher up but still great view seats to sit in and see everything….as you can see from the video. Walked up to the third level of the Dolby theater. Show start time 9pm. Actual start time was 9:30pm by the time Usher came on stage. Show ended about 11:08pm.
It was a spectacular performance the entire hour and a half!

Dolby Live. Dolby surround sound arena. Any seat is great!
5200-seat theater at the Park MGM host big-name musical acts.
Park MGM is a separate place from MGM Casino. Its located next door to T-Mobile Stadium.

3770 S Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Grammy winner Usher is giving fans a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience during his Las Vegas residency. Now he's giving TODAY a behind-the-scenes tour of the show.

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#Usher #LasVegas #Music

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Here's links to my other Usher Live videos!

Usher- Confessions Live 3/8/23

Usher- There goes my Baby, funny moment with couple and usher 3/8/23

Usher- You Don't Have to Call Live 6/20/23

Usher- Superstar Live Las Vegas 6/20/23

NoirTube Music
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Keke Palmer’s partner, Darius Jackson, wasn’t a fan of her outfit at the Usher concert in Las Vegas and shamed her online, tweeting, ‘It’s the outfit tho… you a mom.’ The two welcomed their first child together, a son named Leodis, in February.

NoirTube Music
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Usher was in town recently to officially launch the 2023 Usher’s New Look Disruptivator
Summit: Be Your Own Super Hero, the largest youth conference in the Southeast with over 300 high school students
from coast to coast. The Summit was preceded by an invitation-only Usher Experience at Nobu Hotel Atlanta’s stunning Nobu Villa and Rooftop Terrace.

The $2,500 per-person Usher Experience raised more than $75,000 to benefit UNL’s programs designed to provide critical resources for youth disproportionately affected by poverty and educational inequality. Co-hosted by UNL President and CEO Careshia Moore, the event drew an array of distinguished guests including the UNL Board, private donors, sponsors and select media who enjoyed cocktails courtesy of Rémy Martin, exquisite light bites and stunning views.

Usher was back on the scene the next day on the campus of Georgia State University for Day One of the two-day Disruptivator Summit. Students were treated to a rousing pep talk by Usher and a performance by the Atlanta Drum Academy. The UNL Disruptivator Summit featured two days of sessions including mentorship, financial literacy, health and wellness workshops and excursions to corporate headquarters and local businesses.

Usher’s New Look was founded by Usher in 1999 to give young people a “New Look” on life and to help them find their “spark.” Since then, UNL has helped transform the lives of more than 55,000 young people around the world.

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