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Black History Month | All You Need to Know | Newsround

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It's officially October so that means many people around the UK will be celebrating Black History Month.

It's a time for people from all backgrounds to enjoy and acknowledge the amazing things black people have achieved.

But why do people celebrate Black History Month and what does it mean?

Black History Month has been marked in the UK for more than 30 years. It takes place during the month of October.

It is held to highlight and celebrate the achievements and contributions of the black community in the UK.

Throughout history, black people have made huge contributions to society in the fields of art, music, science, literature and many more areas.

October is Black History Month. Find out more about the contributions of black people in the UK.

Black people have played a big part in shaping the history of the UK.

This month is a time when the sometimes forgotten history of black people is celebrated.

If you've always wondered what is black history month? Then this will answer all your questions.

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